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Dean's big ass wishlist



Okay, I apologize for the length, but I thought I'd get these off the Post-it on my computer and into the ether:


?Custom select by hatch

?Elipse by three points tool

?Create/Adjust arc/curved wall by length

?Adjustable opacity by object, not by layer

?Quick infinite guide lines a la Ashlar Vellum (Years ago I used this program which would allow creation of snapable guides by option clicking a point and flicking the mouse vertically or horizontally; much less cumbersome than the "create guides" command in VW)


?Wrap 2D shape onto curve (picture heat-bending an irregularly shaped piece of sheet acrylic)

?Unwrap 3D object feature (Form?Z has this feature which is great for determining 2D shapes from compound curves)


?Move camera along editable path

?Motion within animation


?Viewports on design layers

?Gray other objects while in groups option

?Print all/selected views

?Shift constraint on move through & rotate tool

Okay, I'll start a new Post-it now.


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