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Layer Linking Improvement



I have a suggestion to help with the layer linking/file referencing areas in VW.

It would be very helpful if the options that appear for a layer link that show up in the OIP could be expanded to include the 'layer' and 'class' buttons (similar to those present for viewports). Case in point- I had to update the layer names of a plan file I had referenced and layer linked into another drawing. I lost all the layers in my layer links when I changed layer names. I don't expect a magic fix for that part of the problem. However, if the layer link could still be selected (as an empty link, similar to an empty viewport) with the class and layer buttons in the OIP, I could go to my layer links that I had placed, copied, rotated, and aligned in my destination file and update the layers I wanted to be there. This would save a tremendous amount of time and effort in redoing setup work.

If you could also incorporate the crop feature into layer links (similar to viewports), you would be able to address a vast majority of my complaints and problems of Vectorworks lesser Referencing capabilities compared to ACad and Microstation.

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