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Wishes for VW12.1



Our office is just stepping into the migration from 11.5 to 12, and here are a few things that we'd like to mention for future versions:

1) Choice of location and naming for backup files.

2) Palettes that all dock in similar fashions (tools/attributes/saved sheets/whatever. Screen space is precious and better options for arranging it would be appreciated.

3) A keyboard shortcut for scrolling through saved sheets (similar to ctrl-up/down for layers and ctrl-left/right for classes).

4) Batch Print/Print Set tools for Fundamentals users. This is pretty much the one tool from the design series that our office would like to have, but it's not worth the upgrade just for that.

5) We noticed that the Leader Line tool has been placed in the "Legacy" section. Our office would hate to see this go, as we tend to use this rather than the Callout tool.

I think that's it for now...thanks for an overall great product.

Bret Rooks, P.E.

Taylor & Syfan Consulting Engineers

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A couple of additional items to add to the previous list:

6) If multiple objects with coincident handles are selected, it can be difficult to tell what is selected. Maybe there could be a different color to the handle box to indicate overlapping selections...

7) Several of our in-house macros have multiple text fields and selection lists which we used to be able to skip between by using the Tab key. This no longer works for some fields, typically text fields. I believe we first noticed this behavior around VW 11.5. This might be more of a bug report than a wish list item, but I figured I'd mention it here as well. (I do wish it was fixed...)


Bret Rooks, P.E.

Taylor & Syfan Consulting Engineers

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