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Multi Circuit Unit roblem

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I have been having problems with certain symbols combing into a Multicircuit Unit and I think I figured it out

It seems that if the units you are trying to convert to a multicircuit unit, ie. 3 parts of a cyc light, have 'Light Info Record' information, that they will not convert.

I have tested this on units with Default Info in the Light Record and then without and when I remove the info, they convert OK

Has anyone encountered this problem and is it a bug?



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Originally posted by lalcaraz:
I have been having problems with certain symbols combing into a Multicircuit Unit and I think I figured it out

Lonnie,The presence or absence of the Light Info record shouldn't have any bearing on an instrument's convertability. Currently the Convert To multicircuit command requires that the selected items be instruments and not symbols. You have to first convert the symbols to instruments and can then convert the instruments to a multicircuit instrument. (this is on the list to be fixed) By default the instrument version of the symbol wouldn't have a light info record attached to the outside and would convert correctly. If I select a symbol and try to convert it I'm getting an error message telling me that symbols cannot be converted directly to multicircuit units.

Perhaps this is what you're seeing?


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Are you placing them using the resourses pallete using instruments out of the "Strips Parts" folder under the Altman instrument "strips" folder in the VW Spotlight folder?? I have placed these several times and converted to Multi-circuits with no problems on a PC.


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I have found that if I use the 2d selection tool for the parts of any type of cyc light, then convert to instrument, then multi circuit, it works fine. If I use the instrument insertion tool first, the multi circuit conv. does not happen.


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I actually had Kevin Moore look at the symbols I had created and he found the problem

In the "Device Type" in the light info record, I have put in LIGHT (ALL CAPS)

Spotlight, for some reason does not like that, so when I changed the defaults to "Light", they were fine

I also was told by Kevin that it is best to leave the "Device" field blank, as it is filled in when you choose to insert something as a light or an accessory in Spotlight

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