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graying or color shifting when editing nested objects



I'd like to see the display gray other objects or color shift somehow when editing nested objects such as:



annotations inside viewports.

I love being able to show others while in groups, but when I'm showing others, I'd like to see the others visually change to remind me that I'm inside a nested object.

Or, the reverse would be helpful. If I'm inside a nested object, perhaps then the nested objects could turn red to while the others remain the same

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I second that.

1. render others in gray while editing a group/symbol (and keep them snappable.)

2. New Layer option: Gray/Snap Others (It could even replace the simple "Gray Others" option would then be unnecessary)

3. As for "start (or draw) object first, then type dimension", afaik this (extremely intuitive) behaviour was actually invented by Ashlar Vellum in 1988(!). That program (today Graphite) is actually more similar to VW in that it has a row of coordinate input fields, not just one like sketchup. For every tool, the keyboard focus automatically switches to the most meaningful input field. (for lines: "length", for move "dX", for circle "diameter" etc.) After keying in the value and hitting "enter" the command is finished. if i want to change other coordinate, instead of hitting "enter", i navigate through the input fields with the tabkey (tabkey locks the previously entered value, as in VW since version 11(?)). It seems this could be easliy emulated in VW, as the graphical ui of these functions is virtually identical. it would just save the time of having to hit the tab key and visually checking where the keyboard focus is, which would would be a huge time saver.

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