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Wish List Functionality



I would like to be able to vote on some of the wish list items here. I don't know what criteria NNA will use to decide which are good features and so on, but it might help them to see what the community thinks is collectively valuable. Also, it seems some of these things are specific to particular VW packages (Architect, Mechanical, Landmark, etc) and many of those features won't be useful for others.

Further, is it acceptable to argue that a particular request isn't worth NNA's time? There are, of course, some serious problems in VW that need to be dealt with, and I think we'd all love to see the bugs and quirks get ironed out before they start adding bloatware features.

Further, I just wanted to say that despite all that, I applaud NNA for even having such a list, and I appreciate that they recognize the value of providing these sorts of community tools for their users. As a part-time VectorScript programmer, I've found particular forums invaluable. So, thank you.

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A survey from NNA regarding wish list items would be nice, and I would definately take the time to answer it in detail.

I have wish list entries dating back to 2001, that are still relevant today, and have yet to be fulfilled ? like the simple feature to be able to tab into the object info palette without clicking it first. It does'nt sell many licenses, but it makes life a lot easier.

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I'd think you vote with your comment(s). A wishlist item that has many posts is more likely to get attention than one left without response. Even if your comment states the issue isn't worth NNA's time (or better yet that the wished-for item is already solved in a different way), at least that can be taken into account by whomever reads these from NNA.

I agree wholeheartedly with your bugs before bloat priority.

Kaare, perhaps you might bring your longstanding items to the fore (occasionally) by simply posting to the original thread a question whether anyone else wishes for the same thing. I, for one, would love to be able to use a modifier key (say option-Tab) to be able to jump to the OIP without having the grab the mouse every time.

Good post.

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Right Zeibin!

Getting a response - either yes or no - keeps this site interesting and let's us know if it's worth while making wishes.

It's like wishing for new socks every X-mas and never getting them - finally you find out that Santa never opened your mail...that's not the kind of Santa I believe in. I believe i NNA - that's why I still use it, despite it's shortcomings.

So please NNA, fill my old socks with response.

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They probably have more reliable market research info on what the average user wants. Only a tiny percentage of VW users ever log into this forum, and we're not exactly a random sample. That's not to suggest that we're the nerds or anything, but I've heard that a lot of people have better things to do with their time. "Dating", for instance, whatever that is.

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Lol Prop

The tiny % who use this forum make my life easier. Especially one who hate reading manuals. Thanks people.

A vote option will surely iron out some repeat topics. Whether NNA take notice its up to them. Who knows may be the other cad suppliers are using these wish lists to add to theirs.

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