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Minimum printed Lineweight

The Hamma


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Thanks for your suggestions, but they will not work in my situation. The best fix would be a minimum printed line weight option.

Windows XP, Sp2 Vectorworks 10.5.1

Pentium IV 3.2 HT

Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 w/ Dual Monitors


Hp Laserjet 2100 - no problem

Hp Deskjet 1120c - no problem

Hp Officejet 7100 - no problem

Kip 7000 - best print but no lines below 3

Xerox 8055 - On last leg but prints

Hp Designjet 5000 - No problem - but expensive to print on

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I would like to bring this issue back up again. Many times things get drawn or symbols and hatches are in line weights 1 and 2 mils and this is just to small for our printers or our desires. It would be nice to have a setting that beefed up all line weights to a minimum and our minimum would be 3 mils. Seems like a simple request and a simple fix.

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