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Improved AutoCad exporting



We are using Vectorworks in a more traditional manner; one drawing file with saved sheet views(we have not takend the viewport step). The advantage to us in using the saved sheets is that we have only one drawing file that contains a multiple sheet drawing design package. This makes for easier printing (via. batch plotting), easier file management, etc.

All of my customers require AutoCad files as the final delivery for me to receive payment. This has never been a problem, except that now there is a newer version of AutoCad in the market place and I am seeing more of my competition providing a single AutoCad file containing multiple sheets within "tabbed" views.

Any possibility that nemetschek folks could work this capability into the next version of Vectorworks?

Your time is appreciated.

Dave Harper, PE

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Viewports are what you want, but lets not let up on the pressure for a better Acad/VW exchange. Currently a VW export from a viewport will only let you export one viewport, plus whatever model layers are inherent to that viewport. I'd like to see a way to get all of the viewports exported.

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Dave, have you considered buying one copy of Autocad LT just for preparing those final delivery drawings to your unenlightened clients?

Autocad has had those Layout tabs since 2000, so you could even buy an older copy second-hand, maybe $200.

When you're ready to ship the final delivery set, just spend a few minutes converting each file:

1. Change all layers to 1:1 scale (with the Scale Text option selected), moving drawings as needed so that no drawings overlap.

2. Export to DWG.

3. In Autocad, all your drawings will be in model space, ready to go except for scale. Create a Layout tab corresponding to each Sheet you used in VW, and on each Layout create the necessary Viewports at the appropriate scales and place them in the right positions.

Setting up the Layouts and Viewports is easy and quick. The unpleasant part -- setting up the drawings to look right in those viewports, which you would have to do if you were drawing in Autocad -- is all handled by VectorWorks and its export facility.

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