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Read-only drawings



Is there a way to create a read only type file that a contractor could use but not make a copy or any savable changes. PDF won't work because the need to find distances, areas, etc. (Does the viewer allow this?) If there isn't any way to do this, I sure like to add it to the wish list . If there is please let me know.

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I'm sure VW Veiwer would do this apart from the copy part.

As far as I understand it the viewer allows, like Acrobat Reader does with pdf, to open and view files created by VW, print and use (I think)the VW tools to measure etc. The snag is I believe you send the VW file for veiwing which if your worried about, could be given to another VW user to open, use etc.

I did read, hear about a facility, add on for Reader, that allows you to measure plans etc in a pdf. Not sure where I read it. If I remember I'll email.

I found it but it needs Full Acrobat - http://www.traction-software.co.uk/pdfmeasureit/



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I would tend to agree with the some of this, but in sharing the file with others you're essentially giving away a lot of work that becomes public domain. I resist giving away models and files unless I need to, becuase a lot of time and effort has gone into creating functionality and libraries that make the file work. It would be nice to be able to "lock" some parts of the file so that the recipient couldn't access the functonality of them. For instance, if I had a file that had a lot of my custom furniture or textures in them, I could "lock" them so that another user could view them, but not export them to another file.

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It seems to me that all that we need is already available. Adobe Acrobat allows any user to add notations to a document.

I am with Grant, it is not wise to send out alterable documents. Would you create your contracts in pencil? So why send out your contract documents, (working drawings), in an alterable format.

Acrobat allows exchange of ideas while maintaining the integrity of the original.

As for Chris, if he has that level of trust with his architect, then the solution seems simple. Both can use Vectorworks and openly exchange VW files to their hearts content. They can change and add to each others files all day long.

And as for Wavarch, I would rethink the scaling idea. As an architect, we had had the notion pounded into our heads that drawings are not to be scaled. Only written dimensions are contractually binding.

Some of the biggest problems that I have had on construction sites is that of contractors scaling drawings.

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Originally posted by Kevin:

... drawings are not to be scaled. Only written dimensions are contractually binding.

During construction, and when preparing shop drawings, it's important not to use anything but written dimensions.

But when taking off quantities for an estimate, scaling is usually the fastest and sometimes the only way. The discrepancy between written dimensions and drawn geometry shouldn't be great enough to throw off the estimate. If it is, the estimator can spot that (as long as he can scale dimensions to compare them with the written dimensions) and can raise the bid to compensate for problems in the field that might result from such discrepancies. So for estimating it would be very helpful to be able to scale drawing files.

Scaling is also helpful even at the construction site, for getting a general idea of a dimension that's not written. And there's usually a paper drawing at the construction site, so you really can't prevent them from scaling; you can only use it against them later in court.

Sometimes electronic files are used as the basis for shop drawings, but people who do shop drawings usually know better than to scale an architect's drawing even if they have a print-out.

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