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Top 5 Renderworks wishes

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1. Smooth transitions on polygonbased meshes (with option for setting smoothing angle)

2. Environmental map

3. soft-edged shadows

4. copy/paste or drag'n'drop from within texture dialogues

5. Emission or glow factor as texture parameter instead of just 'constant'.

Some of these wishes, I have stated several times over the latest years with no respons from anyone - least of all Nemetschek

Is it just me, that would like to see these fairly basic features in the program?

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I've weighed in before and I'm happy to weigh in again. I fully support all of your wishes. I'd also like to see much more coherent controls, rather than settings like "low, medium, high..."/"soft/sharp" We're not children and this isn't a children's program. Tell me what the difference is between the settings and how VW figures the algorithms.

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Just got my copy of VW 12

A lot of good stuff - and overall I like it . But still:

'1. Smooth transitions on polygonbased meshes (with option for setting smoothing angle)'

This is actually fairly critical...

'2. Environmental map'

Nope - still just a backdrop

'3. soft-edged shadows'


'4. copy/paste or drag'n'drop from within texture dialogues'

Same ol'e same ol'e - sigh.

'5. Emission or glow factor as texture parameter instead of just 'constant'.'

Havent found that one yet either

So one up and four to go (- is that the right expresion?)

If it is not too hard, perhaps you can grant at least the first wish in the next update (smooth transistions).

The 3ds import function has put me in contact with a lot of free props for my renderings. But they are not fun to use, if they look all jagged.

My Strata Studiopro from 1994 had this feature. That was almost 12 years ago!

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Hi Kaare,

No 2:

I suppose you've tried mapping images on to surfaces for Environment maps? I've used these with reasonable success for lighting objects by using semi-transparent "environments" like this in combination with a modified SkyDome.

Untill we get HDRI that is..... ;-)

Here's a couple of examples



No 5;

Try an Area light.

It's not a texture parameter, but it makes pretty good glowing objects.



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Hi Nicholas

Very nice renderings indeed!

No 2: I have tried it - and to good effect. But I find that it seriosly slows down rendering times on my machine, don't you? If not, maybe you have found something I haven't.

No 5: This just kills my machine (dual 1.8 GHz G5)

With the old Studiopro I liked glowing surfaces, because it allowed me to be rather lazy with my lighting. Add a little glow here and there and hokuspokus you've got a nice, flashy rendering.

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2/ Yes, and

5/ Yes again.


Mind you, using a SkyDome with 60 light init, AND a multi facetted refletive and transparent diamond AND an transparent and reflective environment map AND 9 levels of recursion; we're talking a whole new level of Zen meditation here.

Why does the render bar not move Master?.......Patience Grasshopper;..... there is a time for everything, the wise man hurries not.

Overall, though; given the ridiculous amount of time I spent tweaking the gold texture, and the diamond, and matching the skydome in to both of them, the TWENTY TWO HOURS it took to render out a 3000 pixel image is actually not that bad ;-)

Sitting at the screen in the evenings is just like telly, just with less characters, and the story plots are a bit repetitive.

Good thing I haven't got a life.

cheers Kaare

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