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Cut/Copy with Insertion Point



You know what would be a good option that would satisfy the ACAD users who go to 3rd party plug-ins -but be even better? Ctrl/Alt/C or Ctrl/Alt/X which would bring up a second click option to specify a control/insertion point. You select a bunch of stuff on one drawing, Ctrl/Alt/C then click a point (just like specifying an insertion point for a symbol). When you paste elsewhere, be it another layer or another drawing, when you paste you are asked for the insertion point. It would fill the need that AutoCAD users have for their move routine and I think hard core VW folks might even find a place for it.

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If you click in the drawing before a PASTE (not Paste-In-Place), VW will past the object(s) on the clipboard where you clicked. Is that what you are looking for? I use the mode often. Copy - Click-Paste - Click-Paste - Click-Paste, three copies arrayed just as I want them. It's fast and easy.


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The thing about that Raymond is you can't control which point of the object gets pasted at your click point. It's always the "centre" of the object that gets inserted( which, in the case of an irregular object, may not even be anywhere near the "centre").



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