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Viewports in Design Layers



To add even more to the VP capacity, it would be superb if one could VP into a design layer. There are any number of uses for this, just one being the ability to bubble a portion of a section, VP it to a detail sheet, adjust lineweights by scale factor in the OIP and add levels of detail.

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Delmer, You can actually do that now, with a little bit of trickery: 1) Draw (or create) the section in a design layer.

2) Make a VP of the section (to be placed on a sheet layer).

3) Decide which areas need to be "bubbled"

4) Go back to the design layer and draw the bubble.

5) Duplicate the bubble, and use the duplicate to create another VP (this way, the "bubble" outline will still be visible on the first VP), which can be placed on the same sheet layer, or on a new one.

Easy as pie...HTH's :-)

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Peter, if I want to add more detailed hatches, lines and other info at an enlarged scale then you're saying I could do that on the sheet layer, or VP annotations?

Using a bubble for a VP is great but I have more drawing to do. Tell me if I missed something.

Thank you,


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I would recommend using the VP annotations for enhanced detailing. That way the detailing will be "connected" to the VP, so that if you decide to move it, (or paste it into a different sheet) the whole thing will move (or paste) together.

DO NOT just do it on the sheet layer. It will not be to scale, nor will you be able to snap to obects very well, nor will the detailing move along with the VP...

I can think of one reason to detail in your design layer ( possibly using a discreet class that can be made visible or not): If your enhanced detailing needs to show up on a bunch of different VP's then this might save you a little time. However, you can also just duplicate the enhanced VP, and then add a different set of notes and/or enhancements to the duplicate(s).

But you are on the right track I think :-)

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[sing to the tune of Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive]:

"At first I was afraid, I was petrified

I thought the annotations could just vanish from my eyes.

After all those long spent hours

Writing notes & drawing lines

It could be bummer

If I've wasted all that time.

But here I am

To tell you true

That you ought to use the program

Just the way they tell you to

And I spent some time just talking

To the tech support phone line

And they told me that the viewport

Annotations should work fine

They will survive...."

Sorry, I couldn't resist (LOL) Have a good weekend!

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It is a good suggestion, and as much as I would like to have a detail layer set at 1 1/2" = 1'-0" and bring a VP into it off a 1/4" = 1'-0" section, I guess this may be the item that has enough of a reward to get me over my distrust of viewport annotations.

Thanks again.

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