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What bill is referring to is not in the Attribute Defaults, it's this (from OzCad site):

New Custom Colour Command (Architect Australia)

This command provides access to libraries of professional Colour Systems commonly used by Specifiers in Australia and NZ. It creates gradients and/or textures for any colour selected from the databases and can search for the closest available Trade colour matches from your own colour scheme designs. It also provides the Colour Name, RGB and LRV (Light Reflectance Values) for all colours. Standard libraries include Dulux?, Taubmans, Porters, Murabond, Colorbond?, Laminex? and Cabots?

check out the movies etc on his site for more info.

BTW, you will note that these are all, I think, colour charts specific to the Aust/NZ market.


we are so fortunate that Julian Carr is a VectorScript Guru and provides us with these (and so many other goodies) because .........he just happens to be australian, and the australian distrubutor.

Just luck, ...just sheer dumb luck.

Can you imagine the work involved in setting up those colour charts?! SHEESH!

Thanks again Julian if you're watching!

As far as licensing 3rd party tools and incorporating them into the product goes; I understand that Macromedia (and Adobe? ) actively did this to the benifit of their software, however....... that's a murky area fraught with difficulties. There are many good add-ons at VectorDepot/Bits etc and they are still 3rd party.

I wouldn't be holding your breath.



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There is a Pantone color picker on the 3rd party plug-ins site (http://www.nemetschek.net/partners/plugins.html) though it is only for Mac.

Similar to how window and other manufacturers provide dwg details, a certain amount of the onus should fall on the paint supplier or other to make their product easier to spec. To this end, rather than getting specific with each manufacturer, it would be nice if a universal color import/export function was available. (Or is there such a thing?)

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I like all the OZCad resources and support Julian whenever I can. Julian has made some wonderful tools. One of them that I like is animation works which allows VectorWorks to make moves that you wouldn?t believe.

Look at this one for an idea of what can be achieved:


this is a reduced movie, the original was shown on a TV show here a couple of years ago. The company that name it is shown on the copyright notice.

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