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Pipes changing position

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When I?m in Top/Plan view my pipes are centered over stage and have lighting position names. When I switch to top or any other 3D view (trying to drop a light), the pipes shift over about 2 feet, and the labels disappear. Can someone enlighten me as to how to prevent to pipes from changing position?


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The labels are probably disappearing when you switch to 3D because they are part of a hybrid object. Hybrid objects will show an entirely separate graphic when viewed as 2D or as 3D.

The shifting is probably happening because of an offset between the 2D version of the object and the 3D version.

To check it, edit the symbol's 2D and 3D component. In the symbol editor make sure that both graphics are lined up on the coordinates system in the same way.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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