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Voice Commands

Kiwi Ross


I'm not talking about the Strarship Enterprise here, but it could save a lot of mouse/tablet hand movements if a lot of the intial "click and click" commands were voice actuated, lessening potential Repetative Strain Injuries.

(Providing the thing doesn't talk back)

Just a thought.

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I have tried a couple voice recognition programs. They do actually work but they need to be 'trained' to understand a particular person's voice. You shouId check out OSX'x built in program, and IBM's Via Voice.

I think eventually we will be able to bypass the voice and go directly to electrodes of some sort worn on our heads. That way the computer will know what we are thinking. As I understand it the USAF already has something like this. The biggest problem is the pilot's inability to filter out random thoughts like: "I wonder what would happen if I dropped a bomb right now?" For us it could be funny: "I wonder what it would look like if that roof went the other way"...

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Yes I agree with you B.Balemi re the accents.

Worse still would be learning to have an aussie accent to use the Ozcad version, shudder shudder shudder.

As to the elctrodes idea, all be it a bit silly (glasses for eye movements sounds a bit better), but I shudder to think where it gets plugged into the body - lol, could be most unpleasant.

In all seriousness, I was hoping for maybe the ten most common things that you click a mouse for.


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If you're serious about wanting this functionality -- IT ALREADY EXISTS!

The solution would be to purchase Quickeys which will allow you to set any shortcuts you desire. On of the options they offer is voice control via a microphone.

Here's an excerpt from their website. I presume this functionality is available to PC users as well:

If a user has a microphone attached to their Mac, they can assign a unique phrase for any QuicKeys shortcut, which when spoken will activate that shortcut.

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