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A Preferences that allow tools to be "left"

Jim Smith


Every time I open a file I have to reset several tools; for example the mirror tool, or the snap to constraints etc., etc. Preferences does not allow these (and other tools) to be "left" the way I like them. The ability to set tools in a prefered position would be a real benifit. Think about it; each time I either start a new drawing, or even open an existing drawing I need to take a couple of minutes to set the tools up. If one is only working on one drawing all day long, what the heck, but it's common for me to open several different drawing files each day. Sometimes I need to get information from drawings, several times per day and I don't keep the drawing open so I have to reset tools each time I open a drawing file.

It would be nice to be able to have a Preferences that allow tools to be "left" the way they were last used.

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You can save many preferences by making templates. If you or your company use formats as I do you can store the formats as *.sta (used to be called stationery). We even have many sizes of formats all with our preferred environmentals stored. There are still some system environmentals not stored like which pallets are open or which tools visible within those templates but it's a start.

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