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rotating drawing



In 2003 I started a topic about the abillity to rotate a whole document. Something similar as rotating the workplane in 3D, but then in 2D.

Now, when drawing elevations based upon a floorplan, I have to rotate all content of all layers (make them all visible first) 90 degrees, or another angle in case of more complex buildings.

At that moment more contributors had that item high on their wish list; did something happen to it ?

Gerrit Velthuis

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I appreciate the comments and support. Hopefully NNA will listen. We are constantly reviewing our CAD status in the office, VW versus Revit, etc. etc. We are mostly happy with VW, but really hope they can make improvements to several of these key areas so that VW can really stand out as a great program that meets all are needs for a diverse range of project types.

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