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That is an idea. I have it broken into sections (took forever

because the data comes in in patches, so I have to import chunks and then paste the nearby patches togeter in another file)

It hadn't occurred to me that using different layers might provide a work around. Thanks.

Wonder how the edges will mesh & if rendering and solar studies will work...

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You've got to be working toward simplifying your data and getting a reliable model before you can move to rendering, etc. By then you might be able to combine onto one layer, or maybe you just need to be sure to set all the layers to the same Z-height so they mesh properly when turned on in a Viewport.

You need more people looking at this. I'm sure there's good advice beyond my relatively limited experience. You might want to post this to the Landmark discussion board and see what turns up.

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Just an addendum that points out what is possible-- not meant to dis Vectorworks but to encourage its improvement, since I like it.

I finally gave up using Landmark for my terrain modeling, broke down and dropped $5000 on a high-end terrain modeling/remot sensing/ gis app (TNTmips from Microimages) On the same dual G5 on which it took vectorworks around a week to import the data it completed import and verification in 47 seconds. Surface modeling flies at similar rates.

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