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Alexandre Villares

viewport wishes


1) I wish I could change the Viewport Crop pen and fill attributes both from outside and inside the crop editing mode. As it is now one can change the Viewport border/pen only when editing the Crop Object, and the background/fill only when outside it

2) I wish that when the Convert to Lines or Convert Copy to Lines command is applied to a viewport the resulting lines were put inside the annotation part of the Viewport thus enabling one to dimension them correctly. As it is now the results are scaled to retain size appearence at the 1:1 Sheet Layer.

3) I wish that when inapropriate objects are selected in a Sheet Layer while creating a new Viewport they should simply be ignored. Otherwise, make the command unavailable if there is such a selection.

4) I wish that the last scale value used should be proposed when creating a new Viewport directly in a Sheet Layer.

5) I wish that when double-clicking a viewport, keyboard modifier keys would take one directly to the Annotation, Crop or Design Layer editing behavior. Something like: Shift+double-click -> Annotation; Mac-Command/PC-Alt+double-click->Crop; Both modifiers together would get one the first visible Design Layer or perhaps bring the Viewport editing panel with the third radio button already selected.

Off Topic P.S.: Similar modifier key shortcuts could be added to Extrude Along Path objects and Path PIOs.

Off Topic P.P.S.: I wish modifier keys would toggle class and layer visibility when choosing them from the active class & activel layer menus.

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The other option for point 5.

Where there double click edit brings up a dialogue box with options. Could these options be added to the contextual menu for the items in question?

Then the you should also be able to select a default behaviour from the list for a double click.

Also Could "design view" be added to the option.

so that when selected it would bring you not only to the layer but would adjust the layer and class setup to reflect that of the viewport.

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It would also be a good idea (I think) if what ever object is double clicked within a viewport it would automatically bring that objects layer to the front of the list in the edit viewport window under design layer then you dont have to scoll down the list to find that layer.

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