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Position Summary Text Formating

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I have a question about the position Summary fonts and boxes. Where is the font, font size for the summaries and the size of the boxes controlled? I can adjust the attributes for the position name font in the top box but the others that list the Instrument and circuit summaries are too big and overflow the boxes drawn for them. I have several older plots that have the fonts in different sizes that fit in the boxes but I have no rememberance of how I got them to behave that way. They may have been done in 9.0 ( I am using 9.5 in Windows). If I try to adjust the older plots then the summary boxes get ugly too. I looked in the archives on the topics and there was some discussion but it wasn't clear which version of the program was being referenced. I can unlock each summary and adjust it but it gets tedious to redo each one. Is there something I have missed in the manual?

[ 03-14-2002: Message edited by: tgrabowski ]

[ 03-14-2002: Message edited by: tgrabowski ]

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