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White halo artifact in shaded and rendered viewports



I am working on some rendered viewport elevations, with my work split between two different computers with two different CPU/GPU's. On my work machine with a i7-10700 and Quadro P2200 cards, I get clean renders; on my home computer with a i7 13700K and GeForce 3090 cards I am getting a white ghosting around the perimeter of my rendering, as shown in the first image below. (Both images are screenshots of published pdfs. The halo artifact is also visible in Vectorworks on the sheet layer view after updating the viewport.)


The background trees and foliage are viewport annotations, just jpegs underlayed behind the viewport; the foreground trees are annotated vector art; and the building is rendered without a background. I am not sure why I am getting a clean result on my work machine and a messy result on my home machine (that is significantly more powerful than my work machine, although not a Quadro card, which I suspect has little to do with it.)


Any ideas? I would prefer not to upload my file publicly.










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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello @JasonMichael I would say make sure to use PNG compression for both machines (in the Vectorworks prefs Edit Default Compression setting).  Also for alpha channel make sure the viewport is set to None fill.  Make sure Enable Antialiasing is on in the Vectorworks Prefs Display pane too.



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