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braceworks doesn't calculate single hoist array

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Hi everyone,


I've been using the line array tool recently, and I really like it. What I encounter though is the following. When calculating an array with two hoists, braceworks works fine, but an array on a single hoist keeps giving the "system not connected" error. Am I doing something wrong here, or is this a known issue?




@Sebas htc @jcogdell

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Thanks for the answer Scott, I've been trying for quite a while thinking I must have been doing something wrong. As a non programming person, this doesn't sound like a huge problem to fix, if anything, one hoist seems easier to calculate than multiple?


Thanks as always,



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@Peter Telleman

Are you using Default bumper geometry or a symbol based bumper?

The array should calculate with a single hoist as long as you use a default bumper and have the 'Hanging support' dropdown in the properties set to 'one hoist'
If you are using a symbol based bumper then it likely won't calculate as Braceworks doesn't support symbol based bumpers.
Another possible cause of it not calculatíng is if the bumper has a hanging angle.

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Hi Jesse,


Thanks for answering, I'm new to the array tool. My options are catalog or symbol, I did choose symbol, because that gives me the option to pick the actual bumper and speakers. You're saying I should do this a different way? And yes, most of the bumpers have a hanging angle (which works fine with two point pick-up). Is the default just the bumper, can you add symbol speakers to the array?


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