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Odd Issue with Get 3D Info Node

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Hi Everyone, 

I'm having an odd issue with the Get3DInfo node and wanted to make sure I'm not missing something as this seems like a glitch.


I have a tool that builds video wall arrays by bringing in a symbol from the library and arraying them based on user input. I'm trying to add a feature to add a 'half row' at the bottom of the wall using a different smaller tile type. My idea for how to set z-height on this bottom row was to get the bottom Z height of the main array and then place the half row at that z-height, but the node does not seem to be functioning in that way. This Get3d node is getting 3D info from the group of the built video wall array, and does not seem to be getting any information from bottom z or top z on the node, as the move command doesn't do anything when given either z value, and nothing prints when I use the print debug node.


Am I missing something here? Is this node unable to get 3D z data from a group of symbols, or a nested group?

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