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delete node with bool check wether delete or not?

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hi there,



chatGPT is not able to give me (not a programmer) a working code of the delete node, with an additional boolean input that decides wether to delete or not.


is that possible in general or does this somehow not work in this way?




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this told me CHATgpt


class Params(metaclass=Marionette.OrderedClass):
    # Name
    this = Marionette.Node('Delete')
        'Deletes an object if the condition is met.\nNote: Objects to be deleted are saved in a list and are deleted at the end of the network execution. So, there is no risk of referencing an object that no longer exists'

    # Input Ports
    obj = Marionette.PortIn(vs.Handle(0), 'hObj')
    obj.SetDescription('The object to delete')

    delete_flag = Marionette.PortIn(False, 'DeleteFlag')
    delete_flag.SetDescription('Boolean flag to decide whether to delete the object or not')

    # OIP Controls

    # Output Ports

    def RunNode(self):
        # inputs
        obj = self.Params.obj.value
        delete_flag = self.Params.delete_flag.value

        # script
        if delete_flag:

        # outputs

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