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Call redraw for plug-in object

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Dear VW forum

I'm looking for a function who can update/redraw/regenerate all the plug-in object in the model.
I'll try to explain better: 
I have several doors-windows generated from plug-in object, I modify a component in the wall (thickness for example) where the plug-in objects are inserted and, I see the changes of the component thickness but to obtain a correct update of the plug in object i need to move-it and then the plug-in objects are well redraw. 

here an example:


I change the insulation thickness  in this wall.
Then I see this: 
image.png.b9828f84eb612eb961cbfd4e60fc7038.png before moving 


image.png.8c0af5d8224e5fcadaf17f63205a96c7.png  after..  

The functions vs.ReDraw() and vs.ReDrawAll() don't works..  

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Posted (edited)
vs.SetObjectVariableBoolean(h, 1167, True)


This will reset handle h. For all PIOs of a given type, you'll need to loop through them or vs.ForEachObject loop through them.

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