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Improved function of 'extrude along path'

Kaare Baekgaard


1. The extrude along path command is not really working too well. I try to avoid using it, because most often it will give me an error message. I would like this tool to become more tolerant of my design wishes. Also I would like a 'twist' function to be included, so I can twist the profile as it is extruded along the path.

2. The 'fillet edge tool' gives me error messsages all the time. In FormZ this tool is extremely tolerant, and will round almost anything. I'dd like to see that in VW as well.

3. I would like to be able to move multible points on Nurbs curves with the '3D reshape tool', and I don't understand why this remains an issue.

4. I'd like to be able to convert 3D nurbs into 2D splines and back.


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You can twist an object by using the loft tool.

As for the extrude along path - can you email me an example that fails for you?

Please put these wishes in reponse to Biplab's post in the 3d solids section. He's asking for wishes for future versions of VW.


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