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Nested Modifires

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I'm trying to nets a site modifier within another one seem to get inconsistent results. 2 sides get skirt and 2 sides don't.

The desired result will be to lift the ground of the inner modifier.


Working in 2023.

Any thoughts?



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It's not evident where your problem area is in the file.

I did note you have site modifiers stacked in the basement which share the same edges, that can be a problem.

Can you describe what you are trying to achieve and in what part of the file?

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Thanks Jeff,

I Wish the ground to fill the space underneath my building. Where the pink squares are.

The Layers affecting the site model are Terrain and Site.






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Given that, you might want to use one of two approaches.

1. Mass grade to cut out the basement with your current Retaining Edge.  Then, to fill the desired voids, use slab objects with soil or engineered fill characteristics.  This will get around Vectorworks limitations and mimic how it appears as if it will be built.  Further, you will be able to qualify those fills and control their graphics independently of the undisturbed soils.


2. Use Retaining Edge modifiers around the basement walls, effectively cutting the ground only where the walls will exist.  This will show up in sections like the rest of the site model and give you a clean look, but may not be accurate for your type of construction.  If that is not how the building will be constructed, I would use method 1.

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1 hour ago, Gal said:

is there a way to avoid the line between the two objects?


I'm not sure there is unfortunately but I could be wrong. 'Merge objects with same fill' doesn't work because the Site Model isn't a 'structural object'. 


Often what I do for this kind of thing (because I am not interested in Cut + Fill calcs) is use Site Modifiers only to clip the Site Model only to the extent that it doesn't poke up through the floor of the building then stack two VPs on top of each other: the building in one VP over the top of the site model in another VP e.g.:



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16 hours ago, Gal said:

Cool, Thanks!


I used a slab. Now, is there a way to avoid the line between the two objects?




The trick here is to select your site model and the fill object you created, then give them a 0 pen thickness in the Attributes Panel.  This will make their edges invisible.

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