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I use "Rotate..." from the Tool Menu all the time. I would so much like a quick key to be able to quickly access this feature without having to use the menu command. I think it was at one time during Minicad.

I don't mean so sound like a broken record but I really NEED the click on group/symbol to edit feature to have the ability to be turned off! It's driving me nuts and slowing me down.


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The shortcut for the Rotate Object command is still in version 10. I don't know about 11.

Whichever key your Workspace has assigned to the Rotate tool, just tap that key twice.

Many of the tools have a double-tap option -- Zoom In, Zoom Out, Line, Rectangle, Circle, Arc, Eyedropper, Locus, and probably others that I can't think of.

In general, if you're interested in saving the time that it takes to pull down menus, you should look at macro utilities. They're cheap, easy to use, and speed things up considerably.

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Originally posted by MPJDesign:

no quick key for "Rotate..."

I'm not sure what you mean, but I'll re-phrase what I said before:

If you can press the R key to select the Rotate tool (as an alternative to selecting the Rotate tool from a palette), then press R twice - quickly - to open the Rotate Object dialogue box (which is what happens when you pull down and click on "Rotate...")

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