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Object Associations?

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According to the documentation for the VS Object Association Functions, one associations Type 4 (Delete on Delete) and Type 5 (Delete on Reset) work.


But when I ran a brute for test of adding associations, I found that Types 17, 38, 39 also returned as True.


My search of the SDK for those associations failed. Does anyone know what they are?


@JBenghiat @MullinRJ Any ideas of where to look for this information?

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Hi @Pat Stanford,

   I have no documentation on Association types, but in my poking around I have found I get an association type of 38 when I select a Truss and look for objects associated to it, namely, one of my PIOs attached to the Truss. I get an association type of 39 when I select my PIO and look for objects associated to it, namely the Truss it's attached to.


   I get the same relationships, 38 & 39, for Trusses and Lighting Devices attached to each other.





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