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floor slab textures for medels

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I was sorry to see that floor objects still do not have 3 textures in VW11

(top, bottom, edges)

There are always other ways to achieve a desired result.

So how do other users make their textured models without the extra work of adding walls around a slab and adding carpet or ceiling, extrudes or floors?


mac G4 1.25 dual, OS10.2.8, VWA&R 11


I also posted this in the renderworks area but I guess it was supposed to be in Wishlist area for NNA to see.

Floor objects should have 3 texture choices like walls.

- A floor texture where you could use carpet or wood for example.

- A ceiling texture which would probably be white in most cases.

- An edge texture which could be the exterior wall texture.

I have always used a thin wall going around floors to get the right exterior wall texture on the model. When I wanted a floor texture I add a thin 3D object on top of the floor. Floor objects having 3 textures would make modelling faster.


mac G4 1.25 dual, OS10.2.8, VWA&R 10.1.2

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Hi Henry,

I do pretty much the same, depending on the level of detail I need. Sometimes lately I 've actually been creating each floor joist (from an extrude) and a floor "skin", then strechting my walls down to reach around the floor framing system. I do the same with rafters and roof sheeting. I find that if I build a very complete, very acurate model, I end up with nearly everything I need for working drawngs (eg: footings, stemwalls, joists, walls, rafters, etc.). Of course there is still work to do, and in VW 10.x.x I always ended up abandoning the 3d at some point along the way so that I could get the 2d WD's completed. I am hoping that with tthe addition of viewports I will be able to stay in 'modelland' all the way through (or at least longer than in v.10). I am starting my first from-the-ground-up project in VW 11 next week, so I'll try to keep you posted...

Peter Cipes

Residential Designer

Ashland, Oregon

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I vote for more intelligent floor objects as well. I need floors which have textured balcony edges, etc. All of which requires work arounds. Not good.

For Mike m oz Floors already do holes - create a polygon, punch a stair hole or light well hole using another surface object (Rectangle, Poly, Circle, Arc, etc.). Shape your edges with the 2D Reshape tool if one edge is a fancy ushape balcony, for example. Finally select the compound object and use the floor tool to make it a floor.

Editing the floor is a matter of using the Organize Menu>Edit Group tool and change the original planar object using 2D Reshape tool.

NNA - give us edge texture capability a la Walls. Should be simple to do.

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