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When I insert =IMAGE(N='Logo') into a spreadsheet cell, it shows me a picture of a logo. Good.


However, if I make that line a Database, it displays "False", not the picture.


Note: the named item is a 2D symbol.


The following link says I can do it for spreadsheet and database cells, but how ..



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In a database row, the criteria is defined by the criteria of the database. You can not use custom criteria in the header row formulas of a database. For IMAGE to work in a database, the criteria has to specify an object that it can display an image of. 


It would be really useful to be able to do something like attach a record to an object and then return an image based on the data in that record, but that is not currently possible.



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So, finding a work around wasn't that difficult. This is how I solved it for those interested.


The reason for making a Database line was to get the Record Value from an object, with a record attached, and list it on the same row as the Logo.


The row must be of Spreadsheet type, and then the cell value   =IMAGE(N='Logo')   works.


I wrote this macro and the added this formula to a cell to the right of the Logo      =RUNSCRIPT('Name of script')


Many of you will recognize the method.


procedure Fab_List_Value;

	procedure Get_Value (h : handle);
	var V : string;
	V := Concat (GetRField (h, 'Value', 'GrWeight'), ' ', GetRField (h, 'Value', 'NtWeight'));
	WSScript_SetResStr (V);
ForEachObject (Get_Value, ((L = 'Objects') & (C = 'Object1')));
run (Fab_List_Value);



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