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Project Sharing - showing project file not up-to-date and modified by another user when they hasn't opened the file.

Josephine W.


We're using Vectorworks Cloud Services to share 11 project files between 3 colleagues. All 3 of us have administrative permission to these files. All 11 project files are in a folder that is set to let all 3 users "sync and edit".
Ever since I set up these files + folder structure, my colleague and I have run into this warning message multiple times when we try making edits / checking out layers:


"The operation could not be completed because the Project File in the local Vectorworks Cloud Services folder is not up-to-date. Do you want to try again?
The Vectorworks Cloud Services application has not yet updated your local copy of the Project File. The Project File was modifies 2 seconds ago with the last changes by [username] on [machineID]. Please ensure your Vectorworks Cloud Services application is running and has completed syncing or contact [username] to confirm their Vectorworks Cloud Services application has synced."


We were working on different files. My colleague was not touching the file I'm working on according to the timestamp in the warning. They didn't even have it opened. The only "activity" they'd have about my file is that it's been downloaded / synced to their Cloud Services.

I had to ask them to open my file, do nothing, and close it, for this warning to be resolved.


Any idea why this is happening?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi @Josephine W..

I sent you a DM to inquire about some information that could help us determine what is causing the behavior that you are experiencing with Project Sharing using VCS.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The issue here is that Project Files have been manually copied and pasted.  Manually copy and pasting using the operating system can cause the original and the copied version of the Project File to be stored with the same internal ID, which is meant to be unique.  This can cause Project Sharing to think that the Project File is not the most up-to-date version of the Project File synced to VCS when attempting to edit/check out objects, even if the Project File is expected to be up-to-date.

The correct way to make copies of Project Files is to use the "Save a Copy As..." menu command to make a Project File copy of a Working File that has been created from the Project File that you wish to copy.  In order to fix the currently existing Project Files, it would be best to use the "Save a Copy As..." menu command to recreate each Project File, and have all users recreate their Working Files.

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