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Design for: Interiors / Exhibitions / Museums



Hi All, I am a Museum exhibition and spatial designer, but I can't see a dedicated forum for design for interiors or exhibitions or Museums. I have to do a general search to find these topics. There might be a broad range of queries, but we always need to draw these items up using Vectorworks.


Anyone else think this might be a good read to create a dedicated forums for these? 

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Recently I have been drawn into this, even though I am technically retired.  I know some others work in this field, but most of it still falls under the broad paintbrush of design.  


If you post specific questions or topics, you may get results.  You may also not get results, the Forum is not a "Known Science".


On exhibitions, I was recently challenged with duplicating this tent in VW's and according to the client it was successful.  This is a very new way of modelling in Vectorworks, like Subdivision, but NURBS based, somewhat like Rhino 3D's SubD.


Is this the type of thing you do?




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@designosaur scenic designer here, probably the closest relation to your profession.  I don't do lights, hanging positions, gobos etc.  I do hard wall construction, moulding, space planning, internal lighting and graphics.  So I sometimes pop up in the architecture forum, sometimes in the spotlight forum, often in the rendering forum.  I have long thought that vwx should have a forum for exhibit/set design, but I guess there aren't enough of us to really warrant that.  But I'll give my upvote on the hope that it could happen!

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Posted (edited)

Hi grant_PD, we met some setworks scenic technicians at the Royal Opera house recently, very intriguing design and technical work!


Yes, sounds similar to Exhibition design: add artworks and showcase displays and open display objects and various types of interactive exhibit inc. touchscreens, AV projections, mechanical devices and 3D touchable casts, weave in a narrative story line to the visitor journey told with text labels and exhibit panel graphics, featuring rich photos and illustrations, light beautifully and let in the visitors. Oh and don't forget to follow all the conservation, listed building, health and safety, fire regulations, sustainability and accessibility guidelines etc...


I hear that VW is used a lot by the Museum design sector in the UK at least. It would be good to have a forum for exhibit/set design.

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Although I have been contracted by four museums, the funding always came from a federal pot.   The projects were always the same, reconstruct the past and they were all related to Canada's military past.  Seems to be funding there.  

The end product was always a movie, but there was a lot of research involved, plus historians and archeologists.  Sometimes we had to dig to get the right info.  These project always involved both VW and C4D with the brunt of the modelling in VW's.


But, I still had to manage working with Museum Directors, Curators and the "oh my God you can't touch that" people.


It was fun.

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