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Callout Tool Styles

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It's time Vectorworks added Callout Tool... Styles.


It is getting quite annoying having to constantly change the callout settings (and remember the settings) when switching between Keynotes and Leader Text.  If we had styles that we could easily switch between, it would make the workflow so much faster.  

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On 6/10/2024 at 10:42 PM, mar schrammeyer said:

Set as required and save in your template

I already have my Callout Tool set for keynoting.  But when I need to do Leader Text callouts, I have to go through the settings and change them.  Then when I get to a point where I have to do Keynotes again, I have to change the settings again.

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On 6/11/2024 at 5:42 PM, mar schrammeyer said:

Set as required and save in your template

Still only gives you one ahem... 'style'...


This tool NEEDS styles - there are so many variations used within a job:

- Text callout - variations on text size and colour

- Keynote callout - variation's on colour 

- Different arrowheads - arrows, dots, etc.

- Different bubble styles 


I could easily have have a dozen styles with variations of the above - currently as the post above notes, the user has to go and change the tool settings - which becomes laborious, and associating them with a class only changes a few basic parameters. 

This tool is a massive pain point now that other annotation tools have better functionality.

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A work around might be to use the custom tool command to create a series of scripts that insert a callout with predetermined settings. It would probably need to be set up to insert a keynote saved as a symbol which would turn into a plug in object on insertion. It would have to accommodate different scales so the font size and leader lines stayed consistent. Could take some setting up but once done the scripts would be saved in templates and each style would be one double click away.

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On 6/4/2024 at 5:23 PM, Rolan Castaneda said:

It's time Vectorworks added Callout Tool... Styles.


Absolutely agree. Callouts are one of several things that need Styles. See this thread:



My current workaround is to control what I can by class, which at least lets me switch between arrowhead types easily, but yes it's very annoying that only certain attributes can be controlled in this way.


I resort to copy-pasting existing callouts rather a lot. A further annoyance with this is that sizes of things like shoulder length are set in page units but then convert to page units when you insert the callout. And this means that if you copy-paste from one viewport to another with a different scale, all these sizes get messed up.


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