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How does one edit the centerline of a path site modifier?

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I understand how to edit the

  • path outline (reshape tool)
  • Longitudinal profile (OIP (or down arrow on end of path - from top/plan view only)/Longitudinal profile/edit profile/View/zoom/fit to object/Navigation-classes/class option:show snap others)
  • Transverse profile (OIP/transverse profile/edit profile)



...but how do I edit the location of the center of the path?


In this case (see image) I edited the "border" path and made the path more of a straight line, but the center stayed like I had initially drawn it, with a jog in the middle.

It seems to be fine now - but had me thinking that if I had edited the "border" path any more, the center might not have even been within it's boundary.



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i came to the conclusion that it is faster to redraw the whole modifier when "big" changes are needed.
wich is a real pity... could be the best and most useable modifier ever for me, but for now I stick with the "old" modifiers (and my Marionette Objects that do kind of similar things...) just because of the poor changeability options.

But I am curious to read how other people work with this tool!

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On 5/28/2024 at 12:33 PM, hollister design Studio said:



...but how do I edit the location of the center of the path?


Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’re going for, instead of editing through the OIP, have you tried the second mode of the reshape tool (longitudinal profile mode)?  It is different than editing the profile through the OIP, and it definitely allows you to edit the centerline path.  However, I don’t think there is a way to edit both centerline and boundary at the same time.

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