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door frame/paint walls

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Hi I'm using Vectorworks for a school project. I have two questions.


1. How can I make a doorway without a door in it? Like an entryway from one room to another without a sliding, pocket, swing, e.t.c. I still want a frame/trim around it.

2. How can I paint walls with paint colors from real brands. I've been using textures because I forgot how to use actual paint colors. 


I'd really appreciate the help since I'm not very experienced with the program.

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1 hour ago, Yahaowhv said:

I still want a frame/trim around it.



In case cased opening does not give all parts you need (Trim, ....)

assign different Classes to a standard config Door's 3D Components and switch unwanted

parts Classes like door panel off and have full control over their visibilities.




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Use Door Tool for this as Pat stated.

Convert to Unstyled.

Under General Tab, near the bottom,  Left click on Configuration down arrow.

Select Cased Opening.

Set width, height.

Go to Trim in left window pane.

Set trim width & depth for interior/exterior.  This will trim/casing on both sides of cased opening.


Go to Tag ID

Click on Show show in 2D if you want to "label" the Cased Opening and show in plan view,

In the ID fields, Enter what you want the label to say. EX: 3068 C.O.

This can all be done in one field.  Use hyphen or space for separator

You can then save as 'Stylized" for future use.


You can set to use objects or classes depending on your needs.

Using objects gives you more flexibility for on the fly designs without the need for "classes".

Objects settings look like Sliders left to right.

By style looks like dark curved arrow.


Would be truly great if we choose other "profiles" besides square.

Also, be able to set casing to jamb reveal like we do in the real world building.


Feel free to explore the other settings.

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2. Real Brand Paint colors:


You can find many Brand colors in the Vectorworks Attributes palette: 



A) use these attributes directly on your walls, or

B) Create Classes by Color and assign the walls you want to "paint" to those classes, or

C)Use these colors to create a Texture (color by attribute), and map the texture to the walls.


You can also use a tool like EasyRGB.com to find the RGB values to create a texture based on real paint brands. 

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