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Associative dimensioning that is useable

mike m oz


I long for associative dimensioning that actually works and is useful:

? It needs to recognise objects such as walls, doors and windows

? It needs to recognise corners so that you don't have to choose an object to associate the dimension to

? You should be able to move a dimension line to a new location as a whole rather than having to move each one laboriously

? You should be able to add or delete points to a dimension string by clicking on the appropriate point

? Making dimension style changes should be simpler

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We second Kaare's recommendation/wish to have associated dims work in viewports. We find putting all our notes and dimension in them as our best option. We toyed with putting dimensions in the design layers to take advantage of associated dims, but we often reference the same drawings at diffferent scales on sheet layers, and don't want to mess with mulitple classes for dims at different scales.

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I really do appreciate the latest effort to improve dimensioning in VW. However, losing dimension-to-object associations when manipulating the drawing in certain ways negates these improvements in 12.5 to a large degree. Some of these wishes echo what others have said before, but bear repeating. Dimensioning is so fundamental to CAD, I think addressing it should be a priority.

1.) Improve the chain dimension tool to retain association with vertices when certain objects or groups (and their dimensions) are manipulated, (specifically when grouped then reversed or moved.)

2.) Build-in a vertex in the center of doors and windows, allowing associative

changes if the door/window is moved.

3.) Make the dimensions you get when selecting: AEC> ?dimension exterior

walls? all associative, with the nifty chain movability you just implemented.

(I?d fall at your feet if you can wangle this one.)

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Amy, I think all of your specific dimensioning tool desires would be highly valuable, and not beyond NNA engineers to implement. Add to them the ability to have association work in viewports, as others have mentioned above.

I'm a little confused about the problem getting dimensions to snap to a structural wall core. Don't wall components solve this problem? (They do for me.) Or are you talking about dimensioning to the centerline of structure?

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