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making a 2 row text out of single row

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is it possible to manipulate a text in the following way?


i got 2 texts well oriented and placed.



fE "RB_2" is a text located at the startpoint of a polygon segment. the 800 is located in the middle of the same segment.


How can i make the 800 is placed under RB_2 like in a second line like u do if u press enter while typing a text?


Becaus of the location and orientation of the polygon its not possible to move it -y. It has to be like in the second line, however die polygon is located in the room.


it can possible, that the polygon is looking like this. so i think i have to set the textproperties to a multilinetext. Best would be the "Numbers" are written in red and the strings in black.




br KC

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