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VW2024 Worksheet Bug/Problem - Inches display as Feet in worksheet calculations linked to a custom record.



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I was struggling with worksheets this morning, and discovered a VW Worksheet glitch. 


VW 2024 makes an error when calculating lengths in a worksheet that is generated from a custom record.  Document Units in both files are set to Feet and Inches.  When I back saved the same file to VW2023 the error went away.


  • In the first spreadsheet (VW2024) , a 4" Base Plate displays as 4'-0"  (Not good!)  You can see the record format shows the correct length, but the worksheet miscalculates the units. 
  • In the second spreadsheet (VW2023) the 4" Base Plate displays as 4" (Correct)
  • Screenshot of the custom Record Format and worksheet at the bottom of page. 









Some more information about the custom Record Formats




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I don't believe that VW stores the unit information for fields in custom records. So even though you have 4" listed all VW is seeing is 4.


Since this is a custom record you will have to manually do the conversion from decimal feet (which is the internal storage for Feet & Inches).  Feet in the integer portion, inches in the decimal portion.

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Hi Pat,


Thanks for looking at this. 


The same file backsaved into VW2023 generates a different worksheet result.  How is is this possible?


Assuming you are correct, entering .33 into my record field should result in 4"; however when I do this, the Record Format Length displays as 3/8".



Screen Shot 2024-05-24 at 12.04.21 PM.png

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I am going to offer a correction to my first post.


Numbers is Record formats can be configured to be either Dimensions or Numbers.  


Fields formatted as Dimensions will automatically convert to whatever dimension settings you use in the document.


Fields formatted as Number will have to be manually converted using a formula.


If you have a column where you need both, your will probably end up with a very compiled IF statement to try and figure it out.



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