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AI Visualizer Wishlist -An image History button and ability to "generate similar" to history images

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This could be better in the wishlist forum, but AI Visualizer seems a bit separate from everything else right now so I've put it here.


I've used the visualizer a couple of times to 'de-computerize' some early concept sketches.

It does seem that you have to hit "generate" and "create bitmap image" quite a bit in order to find a visualization that meets your esthetic needs...


It would be nice if there was a history button so we could go through multiple visualizations and then look through to pick out the best.



I've also found that I look back at my saved images and think - wow, image number 3 was actually pretty good, I wish I could use that to 'generate similar' with different views of the project.

Maybe I'm miss-understanding what "Generate Similar" is, but if there was a 'history', it would be very nice to be able to use a past successful visualization to focus the new visualizations of all the views I want to render.




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Thanks @hollister design Studio saving and restoring the parameters used for your images with the images is on our radar.  If implemented this would allow you to select an image you saved on your drawing and pull in the parameters you used to generate it, to apply to other views or other models.

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