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Can anyone think of a way to get fence vertical board infill height into a worksheet?

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can anyone think of a way to get the height of fence panels?


It's determined by the difference between the 'Infill top line above grade' and 'Infill bottom line above grade'

In this case it's 6'



But I can't figure out the syntax to grab those fields.


The 'functions' options that are offered for "specialized for fence' are:



nothing shown for boards or infill...

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The only way I can see to do it is to use =LENGTH('VERTICAL BOARDS') in one column to give you the total length of all the vertical boards in the fence then =COUNT('VERTICAL BOARDS') in a second column to give you the total number of vertical boards in the fence, then in a third column if you divide the first column by the second column that should give you the height of an individual board.

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