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Problem with MAC OS Sonoma 14.5

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Hello everybody,


Are you also experiencing problems with the new version of MAC OS Sonoma 14.5?

Since I installed it, I've had display latencies on Vectorworks 2024 SP4.

Do you have the same problem?


Have a nice day

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I have problems with Mac Os Sonoma 14.4.1 - Vectorworks is "Lagging" and spinning wheel keeps driving me crazy. I am considering updating to Sonoma 14.5, but want I  to check how it works for other people. I try to work with both Vectorworks 2023 and 2024. I havce an Apple M1 Max from 2021 32GB, and I try both with an external screen (AOC) and only on my laptop.

What kind of issues do you experience? Is there any way to make it work better?

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I got a new MacBook Pro m3 end last year. I have sonoma 14.3. After setup my new system i had a short time of very big frustration because the performance was not as i excpected. Slow and epic lags (4 seconds or more and juddery).Also other things worked laggy like text editor or Filemaker. But there i am not so sensible.

I think those was lags maybe another user could would take as "normal" and ignore it but i compared to my 2018 intel mac it was slower. On the internal Monitor everything was fast very fast and smooth. Also with a new user (which is often the workflow to test if it is something related to settings of the system) I found the option "screens uses different spaces" (which is translated from my german version. Do not know, if this is the exact name of the option in english too) which was turned off. After switching it on (which does make not difference for me to work) it is the best performance i ever dreamed of and very stable. Maybe can you look at that option @Dagny


I fellow just updated his intel Mac on 14.5 and have issues. The other fellows with a Apple silicon not issues after updating on 14.5
So personally i will stay on 14.3 till i can take the risk of something do not work anymore.

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On 5/22/2024 at 8:30 AM, Raph said:

Hello everybody,


Are you also experiencing problems with the new version of MAC OS Sonoma 14.5?

Since I installed it, I've had display latencies on Vectorworks 2024 SP4.

Do you have the same problem?


Have a nice day

I have found a significant graphics lag with VW2024 SP4 since updating from OS14.1 to 14.5 on a M1 Max MBP with a secondary screen. My work around has been to work on a single screen, rather than having tools on one screen and drawing on the other screen.


Given that there appears to be a few of us having issues, I do hope that there is a fix available soon.

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10 hours ago, DomC said:

Hi @raouls

I wonder, it that option on your spaces settings (print screen german version above) was on or off?

Hi @DomC. That spaces setting was 'On', turning it off, has allowed me to revert back to a duel screen setup. Thank you for the post and suggestion. Out of interest was it the same for yourself?

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hi @raouls
For me it works, when the option is ON. For you it works when this option is off. What i observed is the following:

1. I have the main Window on the external screen, second screen is internal display of mac book
2. Vectorworks is startet on the external screen
3. If The Vectorworks  border nearer than 3 cm on the screen border where the internal display is arranged i have epic lags for different actions. Also other Things seems to get slow (Finder)
4. If i drag the VW Window away from the border it is getting fast as expected
5. If i turn ON (Screens uses different spaces) it also works as expected and i can work with a miximized Vectorworks Window

So i am little puzzled. I i update my OS, it looks like, that i have to switch OFF the Option again.

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Morning @DomC,


Thank you for the insight. Before updating to OSX 14.5 'Spaces' was always on and I never had an issue, albeit I was only on OSX14.1. My issue has only arisen since updating OSX where Vectorworks will only work for me (using duel screen) if I turn the Spaces option 'Off'.

I did try moving the main window more than 3cm from the edge but it made no difference for me.


As you say, an odd issue but definitely (with my setup anyway) caused by Spaces in so far as soon as I turn this off, everything works (speed wise) as expected.

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I am running Sonoma 14.5 on my iMac, which I purchased in 2022. My Pages app crashes within 20 seconds each time I try to use it. 


I have updated Pages and it continues to crash.  Anyone else experience similar problems? Anyone have a fix for this or can you suggest another program similar to pages?


Thank you in advance.

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On 5/24/2024 at 1:02 AM, Pat Stanford said:

Do the update to 14.5.  There is a known problem between VW2024 (and many other programs including Pages) and MacOS14.4 (and 4.1).


You will be much happier on 14.5



I'm running VW 2024 Update 5 and Sonoma 14.5 and this has to be the worst laggy performance I've experienced since VW 2019. When I zoom using the mouse wheel nothing happens until I click on the screen when the result of the zoom is displayed. It's also taking ages to do more or less anything else.

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I am also running Update 5 and Sonoma 14.5 and I am not having any issues at all.


I feel your pain, but I have not other suggestions to make.


I recommend you contact Technical Support directly and see if they can help you figure this out.


From some other posts it seems like something to do with external monitors, specifically 4K monitors.


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Update from my side.


As suggested earlier in the thread, turning off Spaces, significantly helped with navigation around the file, however once I got to using tools, i.e. drawing the lag was noticeable. Ultimately if I work with a single screen setup everything works fine and is as responsive as you would hope. Unfortunatly this is how I will need to continue until this issue is resolved.


I did also take the matter up with support.

They have confirmed that there are still issues with Sonoma 14.5, most noticeable with M Series hardware using external / multi-monitor, with M series laptops most likely to encounter the problem. Apparently the issue effects a number of applications including; Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft as well as Vectorworks.

They have recommended, if possible to revert to an earlier version of Sonoma (14.3 or earlier).

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