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Floor Plan Viewport Cut Elevation

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I have some high walls and some low walls.  I only want to show the low walls in the plan viewport.  Is there a way to set the elevation for where the floor plan is taken in a viewport?  Like a section only horizontally.  

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You could assign different Classes for high vs low Walls and control

their visibilities according to your viewport needs.


If it is about standard Walls vs multi story height Walls it may be even worth

to use different Design Layers.


20 minutes ago, homero said:

Like a section only horizontally.  


You can create real horizontal Section VPs, like generating from Clip Cube.

But a true horizontal Section will not show the typical "top view" visual style



And for a standard top plan view VP, you can set a cut height in Layer settings.

But that will only simplify the look of the Walls below cut plane while higher

Walls appear in the (fake) detailed cut look.

So basically far from what you want to achieve.


So as fa as I understand your problem,

use Classes or Layers to separate your Walls and control visibility.

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