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Getting Truss Quantity for Hanging Positions

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Hi all,


I am trying to get a total weight load of a hanging position

Autoplot seem to be well liked by many for this but I have some items that display the weight load in gram event though the header is KG


thus i was trying to use a position summary to get fixtures counts with load and also opening the Hanging position to select all the truss elements to paste the HP name in the truss position name field.

So if this works out properly, i can make a worksheet summarize by position name and length with total count

However, it appears empty when i put it on a worksheet

Any idea why so?



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I'm looking to make a data tag that works with truss hang positions. Give the information needed to communicate with house riggers or stagehands laying out truss 


 I would like the tag to read as. 


Postion Name

Truss length 85'

(8) 12"x12" x 10'

(1) 12"x12 x 5' 

Trim 30' 

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Good luck.  I don't know how data tag would access the piece count, but perhaps a tag wizard will share.  I'm pretty sure Josh Benghiat's "Savvy Position Label" will do the job, and below is an example of an AutoPlot Tools, "Truss Tag".  The graphic arrangement can be customized; I assume that is also true for the Savvy Position Label.



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