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Problem selecting dimensions



Hi all,


I´m having trouble when I try to select dimension objects while working in viewport annotations on a sheet layer; this happens using either Select Similar tool or a custom selection Script. None of the dimensions are selected at all. But it works fine while editing dimensions on a design layer. I´ve made no changes except leaving viewport annotations and get into design layers.

If anyone can help would be great for me.



Captura II 2024-05-15 173520.png

Captura 2024-05-15 173520.png

Captura III 2024-05-15 173520.png

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Posted (edited)

Hi Jeff,


The dimensions I can't select are within the Sheet Layer Viewport Annotations.

Sorry If i was not clear. Seleting dimensions whitin Design layer is ok.




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Why do you have some dimensions placed on the Design Layer and some placed in the Viewport Annotations?  

I’m just making sure you aren’t trying to select something from within the annotation space that isn’t actually placed there.


if that’s not the case, something odd is happening.  Can you post a file demonstrating the issue?

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In general I use dimensions only whithin Viewport annotations, but sometimes as VW lets to use dimensions on both I use them too on design layers as "reference" or "guides". I assign a different class to these placed on design layers to control their visibility on viewport. What is happening in my is that I can select one by one dimensions whithin viewport annotation but can´t select them all togheter. On the design layer I can select both ways.

The file I´m actually working on is too heavy to attach, I´ll try to submit a simplified example if possible

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