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Stairs & their underside

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That seems like a lot of effort for little reward.  I would rather use the stair object as a placeholder for the needed head clearance and build out, concrete works well for creating the buffers.  Then, que fabricator shop drawings…

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3 hours ago, digitalcarbon said:

@Diego - Resuelvector always the master of the inner workings...Hope all is well with you.  


But let's see you master the underside of the stairs with gwb. 

Sadly for the underside of the stairs, I find myself doing some acrobatics too if there is a lot of space between the underside and the actual stair structure
Usually, I leave that part for the CD set, in DD sets I use 2D linework in sections until the design has been ironed out
When, if, the design moves forward then I'll play with Roof faces and wall components to even obtain schedules and BOM

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On 5/15/2024 at 1:53 PM, digitalcarbon said:

Hello all, what are you all doing in this area?





If I understand the question correctly...


In this instance, I would just model this directly and not try and do it with wall objects.


When you say "blend in with wall tool" do you mean, where a directly modeled wall meets a "wall tool" wall, you don't want to see a join line in plan and section?


I do this by ticking the "merge with structural objects" box in the wall object's OIP:




Then, in the relevant section viewports I use these settings:




So, if the GWB (assume this is what we call plasterboard) components of wall tool objects have the same fill as your directly modelled bits of GWB, they ought to merge in section. If they meet in-plane, then they ought also to merge in elevation views (this seems to work 95% of the time). Annoyingly, they won't also merge in shaded views.


I use "Horizontal section viewports" for floorplans and the same principle applies. Things will of course work differently if you use top/plan for your floorplans in which case you have to start messing around with autohybrids and so on, and I'm not sure if that same merging behaviour still works in that case.


This sort of thing is why I don't use top/plan for floorplans.






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1 hour ago, digitalcarbon said:

I personally would go this route but the office I'm working for would not understand it. 


This is sometimes an issue for me too, if I am doing a bit of work freelance for another office. They seldom are familiar with that workflow.


Would be interested to hear what you end up doing in this case and how it works out.

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