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Plant Tick Marks don't display in Landscape Areas...?

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7 minutes ago, Amanda McDermott said:

I don't know but wonder if it's to do with landscape area settings, maybe you have the tick class switched off within the depths of the landscape area settings?


Hmm there aren't actually that many settings + I can't see anything that would affect the tick mark... All the other Plant classes (outline, colour fill, interior linework, etc) work across all the Plants in the same way whether they are standalone objects or contained within the Landscape Area: the only class being ignored by the LA Plants is the tick class... Can anyone else get ticks to display in LAs?

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I don't know what Vectorworks does behind the scenes, but Landscape Areas do not directly devolve back into Plant Objects when ungrouped, so that is probably why you don't have Plant Object based control of that feature.


There is a bit of a work around to turn the symbols into Plant Objects, but it would be better if Vectorworks just made the native behavior follow our professional logic.

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Posted (edited)

Here is my workaround to show a centermark/tick mark on plants in LA area:


- create new class called “CenterMark LA” or whatever fits your naming structure.

-create a duplicate plant for each plant that you’re planning to use in your new LA.  
 Example- Lomandra longifolia ‘breeze’ is duplicated to become Lomandra longitolia ‘breeze’ LAV (landscape area version). 


-on the LAV plant, edit the 2d graphics, and manually add a center tickmark in the “Centermark LA” class. Exit the edit mode.


Now you can create a new landscape area style with your new LAV plants and will have the ability to turn on/off the tick mark using the “Centermark LA” class. You probably don’t want plant rotation as it will rotate the center mark also.


This doesn’t work if you change the tick mark’s class through edit plant style of your new LAV plant.  If you try to change that one to centermark, it will not show up. 




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