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Augmented Reality - How do I properly scale and locate the overlay in the space?

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Hi, ive been testing out the augmented reality and i seem to bee missing the core function of the utility.  I cant seem to figure out how to actually scale and locate in the space? it seems i have to just manually "eyeball" the location and scaling by zooming and rotating. almost every other BIM augmented reality provides some function to print out a scaled QR code or something that references a point and scale within the drawing.  for example. I can open the app, scan the printed QR code that is accurately placed in the construction space, and the AR will scale and locate the view in the field. is there any function like this that could make the Augmented reality viewer useful?

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Which app do you use ?  On a basic level, Apple's USDZ viewers in the iPhone/iPad and Mac Preview gets it right in scale every time, if you set the drawing units right, so it can't be that it doesn't work in principle. Adobe Aero does not, you have to set it up manually. So, there must be something else messing it up. 

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The problem is in the receiving app, not in Vectorworks, as well as in other app I tried. If I import a file into Apple's USDZ viewers, it will come in being in scale, unless it's too big to fit into a technical boundary box that many of these apps have. If I import a say 50 meter object, it will scan down of crop the model. It you import a typical car, it will work. On the Adobe Areo side, it does not import in scale. You have to wing it, and if it goes beyond the box, it will start to crop the model. 

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