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Activate record field by keyboard shortcut

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I'm sure that this has been covered, but my searchFu is weak. 


I'm looking to develop a script or some other method that will activate a specific field in a record attached to the currently selected item. 

I spend a lot of time adding data to elements by hand, and having to mouse over to the OIP every time gets old on item 300...


If you need specifics, my main use is on a hoist plugin object, and a custom record I've added that has a pop-up field menu.  


Thanks for any guidance!

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More detail on what you want would help.


If you want a script that activates that specific field in the OIP, then I don't think there is a way to do that.


If you want a script that opens a dialog box so you can make a selection and then stores that information into the PIO parameter record and resets the PIO, then I think that is probably possible.


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Thanks for being my personal tech support here 🙂


The goal is to click a hoist, type the keyboard shortcut, have a dialog pop up that I can manipulate with the arrow keys to select the specified motor cable length, and then store that selection to a custom record that I have previously attached to the hoist. 


Main goal here is eliminating the mouse travel to the oip and additional mouse clicks. They really add up on large shows so even tiny efficiencies are huge. 


Thanks again!



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Nope.  I imagine the plug-in command would create the dialog with a pop up menu.  I imagine you could tab to the pop up, but I'm not sure the arrow keys will travel the choices, but maybe.  So,

1. select a hoist

2. initiate the command which shows the dialog with a pop up.  (the dialog has to create the list of lengths

3. tab to the pop up

4. arrow key to the length

5. hit return

6. the command code writes the choice value into the field of the custom record.


I think it would be easier to code just a query for the length that is then written to the record.  compared to making the dialog and processing it, the ease in coding would more than make up for the typing of the length


HoistHandle := FSActLayer; {assumes the hoist in on the active layer}

LengthStr := StrDialog('Input cable length', '');

SetRField(HoistHandle, recordName, fieldName, LengthStr)

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On 5/10/2024 at 1:46 PM, Wood said:

select the specified motor cable length

What field are you using for the cable length?  I don't use hoists much, but a quick review of the OIP for a hoist does not show a field for this. If I look at the parameter record I see chain length, but not motor cable length.



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I have a custom record that I attach to each hoist that contains cable length and accessory count (pickups, etc), wrap type etc. 



Thanks for the discussion, I’ve been offline loading in. 


LM let’s talk soon. 

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