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Corner Block Woes - Allow Extra Roll Angle not working as expected.

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I've been drawing a few goal post style ground support systems and I've been pulling my hair our trying to get the drawing to reflect the correct orientation of the corner blocks and the connected truss. The nuclear option is to have several copies of each style of CB and adjust the magnets something like CB 5 Way - Tubes Vert Blank Side Top, CB 5 Way - Tubes Horz Blank Side Top and so on. but that feels like a lot to accommodate all the orientations of the corner block and how it would connect to the truss on each face. I was hopeful changing allow extra roll angle would let trusses connect with the magnets offset 90 degrees but that does not seem to be the case. 

Any suggestions to get more flexibility out of corner blocks or a better workflow? 

CB Woes.vwx

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

What order are you placing the corners and straight sections?

The easiest way I found to do this was to place the first corner in 2D and then add the horizontal truss sections on the side with the pipes in the correct orientation. I then changed into a 3D iso view and inserted the next corner, this aligned the pipes correctly for me. the last step would be to groupd select the finished structure and use the rotate tool to align it in the correct position.



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I might not have made my point clear. I can get the truss placed in the correct orientation, the issue is connection it to the corner block either rotates the truss or CB out of the assigned roll angle. 


Attached is a file with a truss structure not snapped together with magnets. How would I be able to use magnets to arcuately position the truss without having any pieces rotate? 

CB Example.vwx

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Hi Mike
I'm not sure I'm fully understanding what you are after here,
From looking at you file do you mean you want the outer uprights to be orientated the same as the one in the middle?

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I'm trying to have the corner block and truss maintain specific orientations while snapping together. In the PDF I've called out what is important orientation wise to me, and then how it changes once I snap it together.   

I get frustrated when I set a specific hang and roll angle to a piece and then it flips to another orientation when it joins another stick of truss. Being able to temporarily turn off the magnet effect while getting things lined up would be helpful. 

CB Example w and wo magnets.pdf

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Thanks for clarifying what you are trying to achieve.

The only solution for what you want that I can see is to create a custom corner block, with the 3D geometry rolled inside of it so that the open chords run vertically like you need and the magnets updated accordingly.

Here's a quick and dirty example, I fixed the 3D geometry and magnets but not done the 2D geometry. Let me know if this works for you


CB reworked.vwx

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